Ego Identity

Erikson came up with an idea to describe the transition to early adulthood, which is referred to as a person’s ego identity. Ego identity refers to a sense of connection or belonging in a number of different groups. What actually happens is that our mind creates an identity, which is known as an ego. Our ego is who we “think” we really are. Included in one’s ego can be a person’s opinions, desires, memory, and attention.  Adolescents may constantly change their ego in order to be socially acceptable to others.

I feel that over the last few years, my ego identity has changed a few different times. Today, I would describe myself as outgoing, ambitious, and a logical thinker. I like to interact a lot with others, and have played on different sports teams. When I was younger, I was never interested in sports or group activities. I would have described myself as shy and quiet. Also, I used to change my dress style in order to fit in with the groups I was hanging out with. At that time, I had many more weaknesses than I did strengths. My strengths would include my athletic abilities, positive insight, and abilities to help others. I would say my only weakness is that sometimes I can be pessimistic and question the amount of self-efficacy I may have. I would consider myself as a young adult who is still trying to find their true identity. Sometimes, I like to change my fashion or music style. Could this be expected throughout life? Or is this me still developing my ego?

Also, the sign of success is a defined personality that people recognize as being fairly constant across contexts. I feel that this is entirely true, at least for me.After reaching certain goals, I always feel the same sense of accomplishment. For example, after taking tests or completing homework, I always feel relieved and as if I have knocked yet another task off of my to-do list. Although the feeling of success can be different for others, it is always the same for me.



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