Erikson’s Industry Versus Inferiority

As this blog continues, it seems that I introduce each theory as “Erik Erikson’s theory….”  However, each of Erikson’s theories play an important role in a children’s development.  The Industry Versus Inferiority theory was yet another theory introduced by Erikson to describe the stages throughout a child’s development.  Industry refers to a sense of competence, a drive to do something, or wanting to be useful.  The opposite of industry is known as inferiority.  Inferiority is described as a lack of confidence or success.

The term “industry” comes from the word “industrialized” which refers to working.  When children are in school, they develop their own talents and hobbies that can prepare them to one day have a career.  Children eventually learn the value of different divisions of labor.  They then develop a sense of responsibility that can lead them through the rest of their lives.  Examples of children learning this can be if they play a sport, instrument, or are a part of a club in school.

Inferiority is introduced when children lack confidence in their ability to reach their goals.  Children can feel this way if the parents/caregivers have not prepared their child for school or to be in other groups with peers.  When the parents fail to prepare the child, they may easily have their feelings hurt, which could cause the child to lack all sense of confidence.

Relating industry to my life is relating something that drives me to achieve my goals.  What drives me? One of the main factors that drives me is my family.  My family believes in my ability to reach my goals.  They always congratulate me after I receive a good grade.  They also show appreciation to me whenever I complete common chores or tasks.  In the world, I hope to give back to others and show them the same amount of appreciation I have been given in life.  I think at this moment in time, I  am making the proper decisions that will one day help me reach my goals in life.  I decide to complete my homework.  I decide to go to school everyday.  I decide to do what’s necessary in order for me to stay on track with my life.  When I graduate college, I hope to become a nurse.  After doing this, I will be able to help others and show them the support that I have always been shown.

It is certain that everybody has a list of strenghs as well as weaknesses.  I feel that my strengths include teaching others, participating in groups, and working to help others.  When I am doing these things, I feel that I am really helping someone achieve their own goals.  In return, this gives me a sense of accomplishment.  With strengths come weaknesses.  I feel that my main weakness is lacking self-confidence.  As stated in another one of my topics, I am never able to give myself enough credit for my own work.  I usually think to myself that I am not smart enough to do something, when in reality, I can always complete it.  The best way to admit my weaknesses would be to sit down and talk with a close friend or family member.  I can admit how I feel about my weaknesses, and try to put them behind me.  As a little fish had once said, “Just keep swimming!” and that is what I plan to do!


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